What is Your Ideal Body Weight?

Okay, so what is my ideal weight?  I have an IDEA of what I think it should be but I thought I’d look around the internet. 

First of all, I’ve been spending WAY too much time trying to find a good tool.  I’m learning that the vast majority of the internet refers to the old 1943 Metropolitan Life Insurance table that does not take into consideration your age, definition of size frame  and are just way off for short and tall people. 

I finally ran across a site that was written by a doctor that addresses all those areas.  So for me, I put in my stats:  5’9″, 165 pounds, age 42, Female.  The first thing it did was tell me what other people with my age, weight, gender and height would describe as their ideal weight:  149!  Okay, that’s pretty cool.  That just so happens to be what I would ideally like to be at.

It also told me that people of my height are in a normal range if they are between 129-169.  I was told that my BMI index is 24.4 (the “healthy” range is 19-25).  To learn more about what BMI index is, click here.

But then it said if I was to subscribe to the “Robinson” formula then my ideas weight would be at 142!    If you want to learn more about this (and this history of weight charts), click here. 

Basically what it boils down to is put in your information and you will get your ideal weight.  I’m shooting for 149.

To calculate your ideal weight, click HERE. 


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Health and exercise nut that has hit the infamous 'brick wall' since turning 40....on several occasions! After famously gaining 15 pounds, I have found the secret!
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