What does BMI mean?

BMI stands for “Body Mass Index”.  It provides a range of numbers in which if your BMI falls in that range, you are in a certain type of category in regards to your weight. 

It’s basically a simple way to analyze data.  Numerous studies have confirmed that having a BMI over 25 you are associated with an increased risk of disease (like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks, etc. ) and of course, a shortened life span. 

There are many websites that offer a simple BMI calculator function.  Most of them do not compensate for gender, kids, and ages of adults.  I have found a site that takes all that into consideration.  Click HERE .

My personal BMI index is 24.4 which is in the normal range (19.1 – 25.8). 

I want my BMI index to be lower.  But most importantly, I want to fit into those hip hugger jeans, size 8, sitting on my shelf



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Health and exercise nut that has hit the infamous 'brick wall' since turning 40....on several occasions! After famously gaining 15 pounds, I have found the secret!
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2 Responses to What does BMI mean?

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  2. Public Fat says:

    Oh gosh, I hate taking those things..it always says “obese”!!!!

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